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App for pregnant women
App for pregnant women

Get week on week information and support on everything related to your pregnancy health.

Link to download the PregBuddy app for pregnant women


" Nice! User-friendly, informative in simple language. Definitely recommended. Best app for pregnant women :) " - Priya

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Get informed, weekly

Get all your pregnancy tips on your baby's growth, your body changes, exercises and nutrition in short and simplified articles, in week by week basis. All information provided are doctor verified, easy to understand and are focused for Indian would-be-moms.

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PregBuddy app for pregnant women
PregBuddy app for pregnant women
PregBuddy app for pregnant women
PregBuddy app for pregnant women
Meet other would-be-moms

Join your trimester group and meet several moms like you who are going through a similar journey. Our users love our groups. Everyday over 500 questions get answered. Lot of them have found their new besties over there. They have stayed in touch even after their pregnancy.

Favourite, bookmark & share

You can favourite any article which you like or bookmark any article to read it later. You can even share any article with your spouse and friends, so that they can read them too, without even signing up on PregBuddy.

Available in Hindi

PregBuddy now provides millions of hindi speaking expecting parents in India, verified and easy to understand information to have a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery.

Chat Buddy

Don't want to install an app? Don't worry, you can still chat with your PregBuddy friend on Facebook Messenger to find out the age of your baby, your due date and relevant articles for your pregnancy health. For reading the entire articles, just download our Android application and you'll be able to view them right away.

PregBuddy app for pregnant women
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