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Amazing growth in 2017

As each year passes by, we have experiences, memories and achievements to cherish. 2017, these experiences & achievements were stronger & riskier! We were faced with situations and opportunities which changed our attitude towards life. Most of our decisions this year were to “chose the opportunity which is difficult to recreate in future”! As scary as it sounds to de-route from the safest path, the excitement & learnings it brings in are unparalleled.

We have taken some bold decisions as a team, met some great people, travelled a LOT, had sleepless & stressful nights and most important of it, thoroughly enjoyed our journey through the year building PregBuddy. As this year ends, we feel we’ve come out stronger, insightful of our capabilities, more willing to welcome the uncertainties & challenges of this sector and confident to face it along with our amazing team, friends & family. We are now more than confident of the positive impact PregBuddy can create in the lives of millions!

PregBuddy team wishes all moms, dads, babies, friends, family and everyone a very happy New Year!


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