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Indian Web says: 11 Upcoming #WomenInTech and Their Startups Selected In Google Launchpad’s Build

Covered by IndianWeb 2:

Who says startup ecosystem is dominated by the men only? With the world going digital and advancing at a rapid pace, today more and more women are stepping out of their homes and taking the plunge to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Today’s women are balancing their career and entrepreneurial aspirations with home. These business women have become the inspiration for a lot of other females who hesitate in taking a step forward.

And this can be proved by recently concluded Google India event where they shortlisted and provided guidance to 11 women-led startups in Bengaluru. The tech giant has recently announced the expansion of its startup accelerator project Launchpad, bringing three other programmes under its umbrella — Start, Build and Scale. Under this initiative, Google’s Launchpad Accelerator programme, Google India recently hosted a Developers’ Launchpad Build event in Bengaluru.

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