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Our Co-Founder Subhadeep Mondal speaking on Mobile Growth

Covered by Glipsa:

Subhadeep Mondal, CoFounder of PregBuddy — a women’s healthcare platform, pointed out that while one must think big, they need to start small. In other words, figure out the small functional part of your overall product that your targeted potential users need most and start with that. Get it to market as soon as possible. Also, don’t make the mistake of wasting your time funneling your resources into the wrong steps of the product development process. Rather, spend most of your time prioritizing and defining the product to avoid bottlenecks that can quickly drain your money and exponentially increase your go-to-market time. Another great point to keep in mind is to stay in touch with your users. Subhadeep shared that he speaks to 2-3 users a day just to check in and understand how his product is useful to them as well as how they think it could be improved. That’s an easy thing to implement right away!

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