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PregBuddy simplifying lives of Indian moms-to-be

Motherhood is a not a state of mind or body, it is an experience to be lived and journey full of memories. We, at PregBuddy, are making your memories even better by keeping you informed with what’s pregnancy bringing to you.

Pregnancy, with its whole lot of excitement, brings in so much of curiosity on how your life and body is going to change in the coming 9 months. Most of the information is given as a gift from your grannies and mommies. But, they might not have a solution always, since each pregnancy is different and of course, the generation gap. Yes, there is Google! But that’s overloaded with information, searching for some quality and verified information is a major task, which you would definitely want to avoid, if given a choice. Right?

PregBuddy is trying to be your best friend in need. Yes, you heard it right! Your best buddy during pregnancy. It brings you curated and verified content in the most simplified manner. No more trying to decode the medical terms. You can now just browse through the week-on-week content and be prepared on what going to happen next.

We’ve launched our Android application with information on how your body changes during the course of pregnancy and how your baby is growing inside. This includes information on growth & development of the baby, nutrition required, fitness tips, tests information and every information required to keep you and your baby healthy Great… Right?

While there are ample of such apps available on web, you would find Pregbuddy to be your best buddy because it has all the content customized for the Indian mom.

We do not wish to complicate your life, hence we shall have only the relevant feeds for you to have a happy maternity. We’re working on bringing weekly information on how to keep yourself fit with yoga, walking, swimming, dancing and whole lot of exercises that are fun and simple during pregnancy. Things that a mom would be able to manage as per the Indian climatic conditions, food habits, etc.

We, at PregBuddy, are excited about your pregnancy and want to make this journey as comfortable and memorable as possible. All it needs is some love and feedback to grow along with you and be there for every step of your pregnancy. Please download the PregBuddy Android application today and let us know how you enjoy it at

Wishing all the love and happiness to the babies to come and the wonderful parents carrying it!


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